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ChatGPT Tips

ChatGPT is one of the very useful tools for you in case you are a marketer and want to push your productivity up in a smart way, but just opening the tool of ChatGPT and using it will not be able to pull the maximum output from the power of AI. How to use ChatGPT has many ways, but knowing the tips and tricks about ChatGPT can increase your output too much. So, what it means is that we can increase the effectiveness of our marketing activity by learning more detailed information. The next part will highlight three tips that will ensure that, with the use of ChatGPT, marketers are able to leverage the tool to increase productivity.



Here are three ChatGPT features that you can utilize for marketing activities: We will explain each feature and provide examples of how you can use it in marketing areas.

1.Using GPT Vision Feature for Feedback

The GPT Vision feature allows you to upload an image to ChatGPT and receive a logical response based on the contents of that image. What you can do with it as a marketer is upload campaign images, blog post images, banner images, or other images that are related to your marketing activities, and you can get feedback and improve more.

As an example:

For example you will use this image below for blog post and you would like to get feedback for improvement.

Suppose that you write blog posts about “urban gardening” and you would like to use this image. What you can do is get feedback for improvement or ask the ChatGPT’s opinion about it. You can click on the attachment button to add an image in the chat page of the ChatGPT.

After adding your image you will see the small version of your image there and you can prompt for feedback. So as an example prompt you can see this one below:

As you can see, when you provide an image and explain where and why you will use ChatGPT, it can provide some great feedback. You can use it for any marketing image, such as a campaign image, a banner image, and more, but make sure that you provide sufficient information to get proper output.

2.Using Data Analysis Feature for Sales Reports

As you may guess, this feature analyzes the data, reports it, and visualizes it in a graph. This feature can be useful for sales reports to breakdown details and see them in visual ways. Let’s see how you can do it.

As shown in the previous example, you can start by uploading a document by using the attachment button.

You can simply upload your Excel report and ask for analysis, and after that, you can create any type of chart, such as a pie chart, a bar graph, or many more. We uploaded a sample sales report of t-shirt store sales, and here is an example prompt:

So, as you can see, you can simply create a report or chart by using the data analysis feature. Additionally, before you prompt the main, you can prompt “Clean this data if necessary” because sometimes ChatGPT does cleaning by itself, or if you believe the data is complex or contains errors, you can manually clean it beforehand.

3.Web Browsing for Market Research

This feature is important because it helps to find necessary information by searching the web. It can be very useful for market research purposes. To activate this feature, you can simply start your prompt with “Search the web for" and you can tell what you need to find out.

As an example:

Search the web and find the top-selling t-shirt brands in 2024 in the US.

So this prompt example is for textile market research.

If you clarify what you need to find and start with “search the web,” you can activate this feature and utilize it.



In conclusion, maximizing productivity through the use of ChatGPT for marketing purposes hinges on understanding and implementing key strategies. By incorporating these tips, marketers can profoundly enhance their operational efficiency. Embracing these insights allows for a more adept use of AI technology, turning ChatGPT from a mere tool into a critical component of successful marketing activities. As we've seen, the potential to boost productivity is significant when marketers not only use ChatGPT but also use it wisely. Therefore, continuous learning and adaptation of new AI capabilities are essential for staying competitive in the ever-evolving marketing landscape.

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