3 Prompts for Identifying Market Gaps with ChatGPT

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Identifying Market Gap

A market gap, if detected, provides a competitive advantage to the business through the discovery of unmet customer needs, and that can result in more brand strength and faster growth. This alone will stimulate the innovation process, which is responsible for creating unique products and services that are necessary for growth and revenue from new sources. In order to identify market gaps, companies have to do good market research and competitive analysis. Thanks to the paid version of ChatGPT, it has the ability to search the web and analyze the market. While it may not be able to completely solve our problem, it can provide insights that may lead to something effective. In order to identify a market gap, we will utilize ChatGPT for research and analysis, using the right prompting technique. Let’s discover how to do it.


Utilizing AI to Identify Gap

In this section, you will discover three prompts that can be used to identify market gaps for your business. Each prompt has the same goal but a different approach, allowing you to try each one of them. Here are the prompts you can use:

1.Prompt template according to target audience and product:

I am the marketing specialist for the company, specializing in [specific product, e.g., athletic socks]. Our target audience consists of [detailed demographic, e.g., active individuals aged 25-40 who enjoy outdoor activities]. Can you provide an analysis of the current market landscape and identify potential gaps or opportunities that we could leverage to better serve our customers and expand our market share?

Example prompt usage:

2.Prompt template based on location:

Are there any market gaps in the [industry] sector within the [location] that companies have not taken advantage of? How could addressing these gaps provide a competitive advantage?

Example prompt usage:

3.Prompt template based on competitors:

Are there any market gaps that current [product or company type] brands, like [Competitor Brands], don't take advantage of in the ice cream market?

Example prompt usage:



In conclusion, the use of ChatGPT to identify market gaps has been very helpful in driving innovation and building brand strength. Where the correct prompting techniques are applied, unmet customer needs have been identified effectively, and this has opened up doors in making unique products and services that close the gaps and, in turn, fuel the much-desired growth and diversification of revenue sources. It is not just about sharpening our competitive edge but enabling us to stride ahead toward sustained success in a dynamic business environment.