ChatGPT Unveils a GPT Store: Revolutionary for Marketing!

Assessing the GPTs from a Marketing Perspective

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Good morning. In today's newsletter, we're exploring ChatGPTs new feature called the GPT Store. We'll discover what GPTs are and what they mean for marketing.

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What is GPT Store? and What are GPTs?

The GPT Store is a platform for discovering and using a variety of custom ChatGPT versions created by the community. It features over 3 million user-generated GPTs, categorized for different uses such as productivity, education, and lifestyle. Users can submit their own GPTs, adhering to specific guidelines and policies. The store includes a revenue program for creators based on user engagement with their GPTs. Enhanced features are available for paid plan users, including private store access and enhanced admin controls.


How to Utilize GPTs as a marketer?

Marketers can utilize GPTs in two ways. First, they can use ready-made personalized GPTs or they can create their GPT from the My GPT section. In the first choice, you are actually using a personalized GPT that someone or some company created for a specific purpose, but creating your GPT is something you create according to your specific needs by giving instructions. To enhance the utilization of GPTs, it is essential to define your specific problem. This is crucial because GPTs are designed to provide a more personalized version of the general ChatGPT. So the first step has to be defining your problem specifically. What it means is, for example, if you are looking for copywriting specifically for sales copy on Instagram, you can try to narrow down your search to that specific area. This may solve your problem more effectively as it is focused on your specific needs. However, if you are unable to find exactly what you are looking for, you can broaden your search to include just "sales copy." If that still does not solve your problem and you are still not getting satisfactory results, there is another option available. You can create your own copy by visiting the "My GPTS" section. In the next part, we will explore how to create your own custom GPT section.

Ready-to-Use GPTs :


How to Create Your Own Custom GPT by Using OpenAIs GPT Builder

We assume that you are already logged in and have a paid plan on ChatGPT, such as a Plus, Team, or Enterprise subscription. So you are in the ChatGPTs interface, and now you can click on 'Explore' in the sidebar. After the page has loaded, select 'Create a GPT'. What you will see is a message box like the one below:

GPT Creation Page

Now, please enter your instructions in the message box on the Create page and engage in a chat with the GPT builder to refine your results. As mentioned earlier, we will proceed with the "sales copy generator for Instagram" as we demonstrated above. But we will be more specific in order to obtain more personalized results.

As an example prompt: "Create a sales copy generator for the sneaker brand that creates attention-grabbing copy for Instagram."


Prompt Continuation

Go ahead and answer ChatGPT's questions. When answering a question, focus on narrowing down your problems. Once you are ready, click 'Configure' for advanced options such as renaming your chatbot, refining instructions, or uploading knowledge files.

Configuration Page

Configuration Page

Configuration Guide:

Profile picture: Click on the profile picture. You have the option to upload your own photo or let DALLE繚3 generate a new one for you. If you want to give specific instructions for the type of image DALLE繚3 should create, click on Create and enter your instructions.

Profile Picture Settings

Instructions: Revise the instructions from the GPT builder or add more guidelines for your chatbot's behavior.

Conversation starters: Click the "X" beside any prompt to remove it. Alternatively, you can enter a new prompt in an empty "Conversation Starters" field.

Knowledge: Would you like to inform the chatbot before answering questions? If so, please click on "Upload files" and attach any relevant documents for reference. For instance, you can include market research or similar materials.

Capabilities: Initially, your chatbot is set up to search the internet and generate AI-created images. To enable it to execute code or perform data analysis, select the 'Code Interpreter' option.

Actions:If you wish your chatbot to access external information or perform tasks beyond the ChatGPT platform, select 'Add Actions'. In this section, you can define the way your chatbot interacts with third-party APIs.

After configuring, click 'Save' to select your sharing preferences and then 'Confirm' to finalize your custom GPT. Now that your GPT is ready, you can customize it by going to "My GPTs" and clicking on the edit GPT icon.

Custom GPT



In summary, the store effectively addresses diverse needs in productivity, education, and lifestyle through its extensive range of customized GPTs. As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, GPTs offer innovative solutions for problem-solving and boosting productivity. However, to fully reap these benefits, individuals need the necessary knowledge and skills for effective utilization. The degree of improvement users experience from ChatGPT largely depends on their proficiency. Therefore, it's crucial to continually update our understanding of AI advancements.

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