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OpenAI ChatGPT-4o

OpenAI has recently unveiled ChatGPT-4o, which is touted as the fastest, smartest, and most multimodal AI to date. You can see the whole video below:


  • GPT-4o outperforms GPT-4T across text, vision, audio, coding, and non-English generations.

  • This new ChatGPT ranks #1 on the LMSYS leaderboard; It possesses advanced capabilities in both communication and visual perception.

Free Model:

GPT-4, GPTs, and features like memory and data analysis are now available to all users, bringing advanced capabilities to the free tier for the first time. The GPT-4 model is currently being rolled out to all users in ChatGPT and via the API, with the new voice capabilities expected to arrive over the coming weeks.

New Features:

  • With new voice capabilities, Voice Mode feels like talking to a real person—it captures your tone, language, and expressions instantly and authentically.

  • Vision Capabilities: GPT-4o can interact with videos, help users solve math problems by analyzing equations, understand code, and provide real-time translation services.

  • Desktop Version of ChatGPT: OpenAI announced the development of a desktop version of ChatGPT, enhancing user experience and accessibility.

  • OpenAI underscored notable progress in several areas, such as three-dimensional modeling, typography design, substantial improvements in the integration of text within images, the generation of sound effects, and a range of other technological innovations. You can see it here.


Marketing Perspective to ChatGPT-4o

From a business perspective, ChatGPT-4 is a significant step forward because its new features will unlock innovative use cases, transforming it into an incredibly helpful work assistant. Since it is faster and smarter than the old model, it will be more productive in every use case. With its ability to view your screen as you work, it promises to enhance productivity and streamline tasks. Below, you will see some use cases that can be useful for marketing with the new model:

  • Upload a marketing campaign image, and ChatGPT-4 will suggest layout changes, rephrase copy, and improve the design. Alternatively, use the Vision feature with your camera to evaluate marketing campaign images and generate ideas.

  • Create 3D images for social media posts or banners with new capabilities.

These are several ideas that comes to mind at first but possibilities are endless. All of the developments creates new possibilities and new ways to enhance productivity. As users of ChatGPT, we need to explore its features and discover the best ways to use it effectively.

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