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Good morning. In today's newsletter, we will be exploring Anthropic’s Claude Sonnet 3.5 for business activities.

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New Claude Sonnet 3.5

As you may know, Anthropic recently announced Claude Sonnet 3.5. According to their blog, the new Claude Sonnet outperforms previous models and competitors in terms of intelligence, speed, and cost efficiency. Furthermore, it excels at reasoning, knowledge, coding, visual tasks, and content creation. Along with these, Anthropic introduced a new feature called "Artifact," which enables dynamic workspace integration. Artifacts allow users to manage and interact with large amounts of content within Claude, such as documents, code snippets, diagrams, and interactive components. So, Anthropic made significant improvements to their model, and it is very useful to use them to stay ahead of the competition. In the following chapter, we will share three useful business use cases from Claude Sonnet 3.5. Let’s discover!


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3 Business Use Cases

Before We Dive in: Activate “Artfifacts”

Artifacts in Claude are special windows that show important content created based on what a user asks for. Make sure that the Artifacts feature is enabled. To achieve this, simply open the side menu and look for 'Feature Preview' near the bottom. Click on it and turn 'Artifacts' to 'on'.

1.Interactive Dashboard from Reports or Documents

Did you know Claude can make interactive dashboards? Yes, it can. You can upload any report or document, and then you can turn it into an interactive dashboard. By doing this, it can make learning more simple and memorable. In the image below, you can see how to use it to create interactive dashboards. (Make sure the "Artifacts" feature is enabled.). Start by uploading your document and entering your prompt.

Here is an example:

2.Animate Any Business Activity

Claude has the capability of creating an animation of simple activities. You can utilize it in any of your business activities. By animating business processes, it will be more memorable. To show an example, we entered prompt to which is for creating animation of new market entry as a new sneaker brand. You can see the output below:

3.Creating Mind-Maps

With the latest improvements to Claude, mind maps are now more visually appealing. They make business activities more effective for information retention and creativity because of their hierarchical structure, which mirrors how our brains connect ideas. To use that, simply ask Claude to create a mind map. The following is an example of working with Claude to develop a differentiation strategy for the sneaker brand.

In addition, once you get the prompt output, you can edit it for further improvements, as you can see below:


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