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Maximizing Ad Impact with ChatGPT

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Importance of Effective Ad Text

Ad text is really important in marketing. It's how businesses talk to their customers. The text needs to be interesting and make people want to buy the product. It should also be short and match what the customers want. Good ad text gets people interested, shows why the product is special, and makes them want to buy it. This can help the company earn more. Using ChatGPT can make the ad text even better by making it personal and creative. It can also help make different versions of the text quickly, so marketers can see what works best for their customers. So, let's explore how we can leverage AI to enhance effectiveness.


Step-by-Step Effective Google Ad Text


Have you ever heard of “act” prompt? If not, let us explain:

An "act" or "act as" prompt in ChatGPT is a feature that enables the AI to respond as an expert in a particular domain. It is used to obtain detailed and specific answers. By using an "act" prompt, you instruct ChatGPT to provide responses as if it were an expert in a specific field, thereby enhancing the accuracy and relevance of the answers.

Why is it important for you to know? Because it will be utilized in the last step of the guide.

1.Define Your Campaign Objective

“What is your objective in that campaign?”

Google Ads objective types help advertisers set specific goals for their campaigns. These objectives guide the strategy and implementation of the ads to align with the overall marketing goals. Choosing the right objective is crucial for effective and efficient advertising. Including this parameter in our prompt is essential to maximizing the benefits of ChatGPT.



2.Define Your Campaign Type

A Google Ads campaign type determines the display, placement, and format of your advertisements on the Google Ads platform. Each type is tailored to meet specific advertising goals and reach audiences in various contexts. If you have determined the campaign type, you can take notes directly, but if you have not, you must do this. You can also get ideas from ChatGPT. To get an idea of ChatGPT, you can basically say:


“I am aiming to increase [objective] using Google Ads. Which campaign types would be most effective for achieving this objective, according to the latest Google ad trends?”


“Display Ads”

3.Describe Your Customer Persona

To offer a more detailed audience profile, we can develop a comprehensive customer avatar. This avatar will include specific characteristics such as Name, Age, Occupation, Interests, and Family Status. Additionally, to enhance our understanding, we can incorporate other aspects like lifestyle choices, spending habits, or any other relevant information that further paints a vivid picture of our target audience.


Name: Alex Johnson

Age: 28

Occupation: Marketing Executive

Lifestyle: Alex leads a busy, active lifestyle. He enjoys jogging in the mornings and playing basketball with friends on weekends. Fitness is a big part of his life, but he also values his appearance and likes to dress fashionably, even in casual settings.

Interests: Staying fit, outdoor activities, socializing with friends, keeping up with the latest fashion trends, and attending social events after work.

Shopping Habits: Prefers quality over quantity. Looks for products that are versatile and offer good value for money. He often shops online but visits stores occasionally for a more tactile experience.

Usage: Wears for both workouts and casual social settings. Values the variety of colors and sleek fit.

Pain Points Addressed:

Difficulty finding stylish yet functional athletic wear. Need for clothing that can transition from a workout to casual settings. Preference for durable, high-quality materials without a hefty price tag.

4.Describe Your Image

To create a compelling ChatGPT prompt for describing images, provide clear, concise details. Focus on the main subject, setting, dominant colors, and lighting. Include the composition, like the angle and perspective, and, if relevant, convey the mood or emotions depicted. Don't forget any significant elements like text, symbols, or unique features. The more specific your description, the more accurate and vivid the generated prompt will be. For instance, rather than saying "a picture of a dog," specify "a close-up of a smiling golden retriever in a sunny field with a blue sky." This precision helps in crafting a more accurate and effective prompt.

Example with a product included photo:

Picture of a stylish person wearing a classic white t-shirt with a small logo, sitting back and enjoying a coffee at a cozy café. The café background is slightly blurry, highlighting the comfort and simplicity of the t-shirt. This photo represents a sense of everyday elegance, perfect for people who value both style and comfort.

5.Describe Your Product

You can basically fill those blanks below:


1.Product Name: (Do not forget to include the brand name.)

2.Product Description:

3.Product Benefits (not all of them main ones):

4.Product Price:


Product Name: BreezeFit Ultra Tee

Product Description: The BreezeFit Ultra Tee is a high-performance, stylish t-shirt designed for both active lifestyles and casual wear. Made from a unique blend of breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics, it offers exceptional comfort and a sleek fit. Available in a variety of vibrant colors, the BreezeFit Ultra Tee is perfect for those who want to combine fashion with functionality.

Product Benefits: Moisture-Wicking Technology ensures dryness and comfort in workouts or heat. Breathable Fabric keeps you cool. Flexible Fit with stretchable material for unrestricted movement. Durable Design for regular use. Fashionable and Versatile for both casual and athletic wear.

Product Price: $24.99 per t-shirt.

6.Gather all the information and Prompt

This is the final part for which you will generate your output. We gathered all the information we needed in those earlier steps. It is time to merge them properly and prompt them to get the best outcome. Make sure you can always modify the prompt information according to your specific needs. Before using this template, make sure to fill in the blank page to customize it according to your needs. Once completed, you can utilize it as a ChatGPT prompt.


“Act as a Google Ads expert and create several Google ad texts using this structure and the information below. When creating this Google ad copy, ensure that the message is clear.

Structure of Google Ads:

Headline (each headline max 30 characters)

Long Headline (each long headline max 60 characters)

Description (each description max 90 characters)


Objective: “[Objective]”

Campaign Type: “[Campaign Type]”

Customer Persona: “[Customer Persona]”

Image Description: “[Image Description]”

Product Description: “[Product Description]”

Ensure that you create several ad texts in order to carry out additional tests and determine which one is the most effective. On the other hand, you can add a CTA anywhere you want by adding a prompt.

Here is an example prompt created using this guide:

Example Prompt

Here is an example of the results generated below:

Prompt Output


  1. This is for visual campaign types. If you would like to use it for the “Search” type, you can tailor it and exclude “image description”.

  1. You can utilize the structure for any purpose you wish. You have the freedom to include or exclude the description section—a long headline, for example.



In summary, using ChatGPT in ad text creation is a big step forward in digital marketing. With AI, businesses can make ad texts that are appealing to their audience and match their brand voice. It also helps generate different ad copy options for testing, saving time and resources. This approach increases engagement, conversions, and revenue. ChatGPT is a powerful tool for modern marketers, changing how ad texts are made and perform in the market. Embracing this AI-driven method opens up new opportunities for effective advertising.

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