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Creating Sales Pitches with ChatGPT

In the present competitive business world, the success of a good sales pitch is the difference between success and obscurity. In so doing, a good pitch should not only attract the attention of potential customers but rather set up an understanding of the uniqueness of the value offered by a product or service, which separates it from the rest of the competition. That is precisely why this primer further shines a spotlight on why creating an effective sales pitch is so critically important, driving home the point of its position as a key cog in the wheel, not only in terms of customer engagement and revenue generation but also in terms of unstoppable business growth. This premise is given for the argument from a strategic communication and market differentiation point of view: how an invigorating sales pitch transforms these prospects into loyal customers, seeding the ground for sustained success amidst these storms. With the advancement of AI, language models are enhancing the process of creating effective sales pitches. It gives ideas and scripts to make these processes more effective. But in order to get a great outcome, the right input is necessary. So, let’s discover how ChatGPT can enhance sales pitches.



We will list all the necessary inputs one by one in order to effectively prompt at the end of this guide. You can easily follow the steps to create the input. We have provided an example for each step to demonstrate how you can record your inputs.

1.Write a Target Audience Definition

Please provide a brief and concise description of your specific target audience.

As an example:

Target Audience: forward-thinking project managers and remote teams

2.Define Customer Pain Points

In our sales pitches, one of the powerful things is pinpointing pain points and directly addressing them to convince our customers.

As an example:

Pain Points: the challenge of maintaining clear and efficient communication across different time zones

3.Product Feature or Value Proposition

In this section, we will focus on the feature that addresses the main problem faced by customers. Not all features are necessary.

As an example:

Product Feature: AI-driven project management tool solves the communication problem of different time zones.

4.Define Format of the Sales Pitch

Define which format you are going to use to reach customers: email, phone, etc. You can enhance your outreach efforts by incorporating both warm and cold approaches, such as writing a “cold outreach email campaign"  which AI can utilize to comprehend the relationship between the customer and the business. Also, you can give hints like “B2B” or “B2C” outreach.

As an example:

Format of the Sales Pitch: email campaign


Write down the tone of your brand, as you typically use it for your brand's tone.

As an example:

Tone: enthusiastic

6.Prompt all the information

We have all the information we need right now. We just need to insert it into the main prompt to generate effective sales pitches.

Here is the primary prompt template:

Act as a sales specialist with the task of crafting a concise yet powerful pitch for [Format of the Sales Pitch] within a [Character Limit]-character limit, delivered with a [Tone] tone. Start with a compelling 'Hook' that grabs attention right away and a brief anecdote that resonates with the "[Pain Point]" pain point. Then, highlight how our [Product Feature] not only addresses this issue but is a gateway to a better future. Aimed at [Target Audience], your pitch should emphasize the product's benefits and create a personal connection, showing you understand their specific needs. Include this "[Proof]" as a proof to be gain credibility. Ensure your message is compelling by ending with a strong Call To Action (CTA). Suggest immediate action like 'Discover the future today,' or 'Transform your [Aspect related to Use Case] now.' This approach makes the audience feel seen and eager to engage, driving them towards taking a step they won't regret.


  • If you would like to provide evidence of your claim, you can insert it into the prompt template. However, if you do not have any proof, you can exclude the sentence that pertains to it.

  • If you would like to add a differentiator as a persuasion method, fill out this prompt and add this prompt sentence to the main prompt template after the proof sentence.

Use this "[Differentiator]" as a differentiator from other products.

Here is an example output:

Prompt Example

Prompt Output Example



In conclusion, the journey through the intricacies of crafting an effective sales pitch, underpinned by the innovative power of AI and language models like ChatGPT, has illuminated a path toward not just surviving but thriving in today's fiercely competitive business landscape. The essence of a good pitch—its ability to captivate, differentiate, and communicate the unique value of a product or service—cannot be overstated. As we have explored, leveraging ChatGPT to refine these pitches holds the promise of transforming potential interest into loyal customer bases and driving unprecedented business growth. With the right input, creativity, and strategic insight, sales pitches can become more than just a tool for engagement; they can become a cornerstone of a dynamic, customer-centric approach that propels businesses beyond the ordinary.

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