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Why Do So Many Succesful Brands Choose Shopify for E-Commerce? πŸ›’

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that provides businesses with the tools and services needed to create and manage online stores. It allows merchants to set up and customize their online storefronts, add products, process payments, and handle various aspects of online business, such as inventory management and marketing. So many big brands are using Shopify, such as Gymshark, Allbirds, Alo Yoga, Fashionnova, and more. So, why do they use Shopify?

Basic Reasons to Choose Shopify

Shopify offers numerous advantages, and we've highlighted the most significant ones below.

User-friendly interface

Shopify's user-friendly interface and effortless setup suit both beginners and pros. With an intuitive design and step-by-step setup, you can start your online store in minutesβ€”no tech skills are needed. Shopify handles everything, so you can focus on selling and growing your business.

Practical App Store

Shopify's extensive app ecosystem is one of its key strengths, offering a wide range of applications and integrations that enhance the functionality and customization options of the platform. With over 6,000 apps available in the Shopify App Store, merchants have access to a vast array of tools to optimize their online stores. These apps cover various aspects of e-commerce, including marketing, sales, customer support, inventory management, and more. The app ecosystem allows merchants to easily add new features and functionalities to their stores without the need for extensive coding or development skills. This flexibility enables businesses to tailor their online stores to their specific needs and scale their operations as they grow.

A Beautiful Customizable Theme

Shopify's extensive theme collection, with both free and premium options, empowers you to create a unique online store that is hassle-free. These highly customizable, no-coding-required themes are frequently updated with the latest designs.


When it comes to your store's security, Shopify's got you covered. They use encryption to protect customer information and offer fraud detection tools. Plus, you can add extra security with two-factor authentication and a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to guard against cyber threats.


At Larger Scale Advantages

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is an enterprise-level e-commerce platform that caters to large and high-growth businesses. It offers advanced features and capabilities to handle high volumes of traffic, sales, and inventory. With Shopify Plus, businesses can create customizable online stores, manage multiple sales channels, and integrate with various third-party applications. It also provides dedicated support, scalability, and security features to meet the unique needs of larger businesses.

Shopify POS

Shopify POS is a point-of-sale system that allows businesses to sell products and accept payments in physical retail locations. It provides a seamless integration with the Shopify e-commerce platform, allowing businesses to manage their inventory, track sales, and process transactions both online and offline. With Shopify POS, businesses can accept various payment methods, including credit cards, cash, and mobile payments, and can also generate receipts and manage customer information. Allbirds utilized Shopify POS effectively to scale their business.

Shopify Flow

Shopify Flow is an automation tool that allows merchants to create custom workflows and automate repetitive tasks within their Shopify store. It enables merchants to streamline their operations and save time by automating tasks such as inventory management, order processing, and customer communication. With Shopify Flow, merchants can set up triggers and actions based on specific events or conditions, allowing them to create personalized workflows that suit their unique business needs. This powerful tool helps merchants automate their business processes, improve efficiency, and focus on growing their business.

If you would like to read Shopify Plus case studies, you can check them out below.


There are more than 4 million Shopify stores worldwide. You've seen the important reasons to pick Shopify, but there are many more reasons too. The fact that there are over 4 million Shopify stores worldwide is a testament to its effectiveness and appeal. Whether it is the user-friendly interface, the extensive range of themes and templates, the robust security measures, or the seamless integration with various payment gateways, Shopify offers a comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes. Additionally, the availability of numerous apps and plugins further enhances the functionality and customization options for store owners. With its continuous updates and improvements, Shopify remains a great choice for brands looking to establish and grow their online presence.

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