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Anthropic Claude

In recent weeks, Anthropic has made a big leap in the AI industry, especially with their chatbot, Claude. The company has improved their model’s capabilities and added new features. This has intensified the competition in the AI market. By enhancing their capabilities, they opened up the world for more qualified outputs for their users. When considering business applications, it has become increasingly productive for various activities. In this context, leaders have to utilize it with effective prompting techniques to stay ahead in the AI age. In the next chapter, we will share useful Claude prompts for leaders in strategic areas. Let’s discover!


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Powerful Prompts with Claude for Business

1.Analyze Decisions

Analyze [business description] and [decision]. Identify and explain the potential benefits and drawbacks that would arise if [decision] were implemented within this business type. Propose improvements to [decision] that address all the identified drawbacks.

Here is a prompt example:

2.Target Market Analysis

Act as an expert market researcher. Your goal is to identify and profile the target demographic and understand their needs, wants, and behaviors. Here are the details of the business, product, or service:

[Business Details]

Based on the information provided, please identify and profile the target demographic for this business, product, or service, and provide actionable insights.

Here is a prompt example:

3.Industry Analysis

Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the [Product or Service] industry. 
Start with an overview of market size and leading companies, including their market shares. Highlight growth trends, both historical and projected. Identify current key industry trends like technology advancements, consumer behaviors, and emerging business models. Discuss relevant regulations affecting the industry. Examine barriers to entry for new competitors such as capital requirements, technology expertise, and brand loyalty. Discuss opportunities and challenges for businesses in the industry. Summarize findings and offer strategic recommendations for entering, competing, or expanding in the [Product or Service] industry. Structure your analysis with clear headings, and use charts or graphs to visualize data. Support your analysis with credible sources.

Here is a prompt example:

4.Analyze New Markets for Entry

Act as an expert market researcher and conduct global market research for a [product/service]. Focus on cultural, legal, economic, technological, and political factors that impact market entry in different regions. Gather data from reliable sources such as government databases, industry reports, market research firms, and local experts. Identify opportunities and challenges for market entry based on your analysis. Provide a comprehensive report with findings and recommendations, considering the [product/service]'s unique value proposition and target audience.

Here is a prompt example:

5.Product Improvement Ideas

Our company offers a product line in the [product] market. We are seeking innovative ideas to enhance our product, which currently includes the following features and benefits: [features and benefits]. Please analyze consumer needs and current market trends in our market and provide suggestions for improvements or new features that would make our product more appealing and valuable to our existing customers and attract new customers.

Here is a prompt example:


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