Powerful Prompts for ChatGPT Data Analysis

Utilize AI for Data Analysis

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Data Analysis with ChatGPT

As you may know, OpenAI has announced a lot of improvements this month. One of the biggest is the release of ChatGPT4-o. With that announcement, OpenAI shared a lot of improvements and new features with ChatGPT. Through those enhancements, ChatGPT’s capabilities increased, which positively affected the productivity of the users. One of the improvements happened with the data analysis feature. According to OpenAI, they made these three enhancements:

  • Upload the latest file versions directly from Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

  • Interact with tables and charts in a newly expandable view.

  • Customize and download charts for presentations and documents.

Source: OpenAI

You can check OpenAI’s page to learn how to activate those enhancements.

In the next chapter, we will share some powerful prompts that can be used within the data analysis feature, and you can also see the output that those prompts generate.


Powerful Prompts

In this guide we will be using sample sales report which is created with ChatGPT. Before we dive in you can upload your document from Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive directly by connecting as you may see in the OpenAI page. Here is how uploading documents look like.

After you proceed, you can upload your file. Then, you will see something like the example below:

Document Added

Now we can prompt. Below, you will find four general prompts that are powerful for using data analysis with Google Drive Sheets or Microsoft Excel. Additionally, you will see the outputs generated with those prompts.

1.Identifying Patterns

What trends do you identify in this dataset?

As an example:

2.Visualization of Reports

Can you create an insightful chart using this sales dataset?

3.Overview of the Document

Can you describe this dataset?

4.Identifying Useful Takeaways

What could be the key takeaways from this dataset? 

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