On Running: Leading the Sportswear Trend ๐Ÿ‘Ÿ

On Running is a brand that has gained significant popularity in the athletic footwear industry. Known for its innovative technology and sleek design, On Running has carved a niche for itself among runners and athletes. Brand was founded in 2010 in Zurich. On Running was founded by three founders: Caspar Coppetti, David Allemann, and Olivier Bernhard. Their vision was to unite people through their shared love of running and their unwavering dedication to assisting runners worldwide in meeting their athletic requirements. One of their founders, Olivier Bernhard, was a professional athlete and Ironman champion six times. After retiring as an athlete, Olivier Bernhard set out on a mission to discover the ultimate running shoe that would provide him with the perfect running experience. He took the other two people with him and founded this company.

On Positioning

On Running has positioned itself as a Swiss sportswear brand known for its innovative CloudTec technology, which combines comfort and performance in running shoes. Their minimalistic and stylish design, along with a commitment to sustainability, appeals to a wide range of active individuals. With a focus on precision engineering and athlete endorsements, On Running has successfully carved a niche in the athletic footwear market, targeting runners and fitness enthusiasts seeking a unique and high-quality running experience. The average price of a running shoe is around 148 US dollars. So, they position themselves as premium.

Collaboration With Roger Federer

On Running, a Swiss sports shoe company, and tennis legend Roger Federer joined forces in a collaboration. The partnership aimed to combine Federer's expertise and On Running's innovative technology to create a new line of tennis shoes that would revolutionize the game. Federer, known for his elegance and precision on the court, was deeply involved in the design process, ensuring that the shoes would meet the demands of professional tennis players while also appealing to a wider audience. The collaboration resulted in the creation of the "Roger" shoe, a sleek and stylish sneaker that seamlessly blended performance and fashion. The shoe featured On Running's signature CloudTec cushioning system, providing exceptional comfort and support during intense matches. Federer's attention to detail was evident in every aspect of the shoe, from the choice of materials to the intricate design elements. Additionally, when Federer made the deal with On, he took 3% ownership of the brand. This deal has reshaped his view on athlete deals, recognizing that not all athletes can prioritize long-term stability over short-term financial gains. Because when On went public, Federerโ€™s shares were 180 million dollars.


On Running takes a unique approach to innovation by combining traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. The brand believes in creating products that not only perform exceptionally but also provide a superior running experience. They prioritize innovation in three key areas: cushioning, lightweight design, and natural running motion. On Running continuously pushes the boundaries of cushioning technology, developing their patented CloudTecยฎ system that offers a soft landing and explosive takeoff. They also focus on creating lightweight shoes that enhance speed and agility, utilizing innovative materials and construction techniques. Additionally, On Running aims to mimic the natural motion of running, allowing the foot to move freely and efficiently.

Another great innovation is On Running Speedboard technology, a unique feature found in On Running shoes that enhances the running experience. The Speedboard is a flexible plate that is integrated into the midsole of the shoe. It is designed to provide a responsive and propulsive feel during each stride. The Speedboard technology works by converting the energy generated from the impact of the foot hitting the ground into forward motion, allowing for a more efficient and powerful running experience. This technology helps to reduce fatigue and increase speed, making it ideal for both casual runners and competitive athletes.


On went public in September 2021, and during its initial public offering, it successfully priced 31.1 million shares at $24 per share, exceeding its initial expectations. This raised a substantial $746 million in capital. As of today, On Running's shares are trading with a total market valuation exceeding $8 billion.

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