How to Strategize Geopolitical Resilience with AI

Utilize ChatGPT to Evaluate Risks

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Geopolitical Resilience

Facilitating geopolitical flexibility is critical for businesses to survive and thrive in an increasingly volatile global environment, whether in the business's current market or the market they are planning to enter. Geopolitical resilience refers to the ability of a company to anticipate, prepare for, react to, and recover from geopolitical disturbances such as regulations, political instability, sanctions, conflicts, economic situations, and more. Thus, this resilience enables businesses to continue, protect their supply chains, and protect their assets and employees. By developing robust risk management strategies, diversifying markets and suppliers, and staying informed about geopolitics, companies can mitigate risks, capitalize on opportunities, and ensure long-term stability and competitiveness in a challenging global environment. As a business strategist, it is crucial to understand and evaluate all aspects of business risks. AI can aid in this process by providing managers with comprehensive information, particularly regarding geopolitical resilience, ensuring they have the necessary data to make informed decisions. In the next chapter, we will be looking at how we can use ChatGPT for this case. Let’s discover!


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Implementing AI to Strategize


When it comes to building geopolitical resilience, important factors are which business we are serving, what we are serving, and which industry we are in. Without those, it is not possible to evaluate our risks, and we cannot take precautions. So, we have to write down those factors in order to insert them into the prompt template. Here is an example fill-out:

Place of the Market:[Europe market]

Business Description: [We are a mid-sized tech company specializing in cloud computing solutions for small to medium enterprises.]



You can go narrow in terms of writing down your market, such as choosing a country.

2.Prompting Technique

Now that you have prepared details about your business, you can insert your information into the prompt template below:

Act as a business strategist and list all the risks in the [Place of the Market] for building geopolitical resilience. Help me evaluate these risks for our business based on the information below:

Business Description: [Business Description]

Industry: [Industry]

For each identified risk, provide a brief evaluation and recommend one effective solution.

You can enter your prompt in ChatGPT.

Here is an example prompt:

Here are example prompt outputs:


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