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Nvidia Becomes Most Valuable Company

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NVIDIA Has Become the Most Valuable Company in the World! 🚀

Riding the wave of Artificial Intelligence dominance, NVIDIA's market cap has surpassed giants like Apple and Microsoft! The company's market cap is around $3.34 trillion with a share price around $135.58.

Here is the graph of the information source from Google Financial:


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McDonald's Halts AI Drive-Through

McDonald's has scrapped its AI drive-through pilot after frequent order mix-ups. The fast food chain's AI ordering system, developed by IBM, uses voice recognition to process orders and was rolled out several years ago. Despite this, McDonald's said that they will continue to evaluate long-term and scalable solutions for voice ordering in the future.

TikTok Just Launched Symphony

A new set of artificial intelligence (AI) tools called Symphony was just released by TikTok to assist marketers and content producers in using the platform more effectively. AI is about to entirely change the creator economy. The aim is to open up new possibilities for optimized content creation, reach, and engagement. TikTok’s Creative Assistant is now Symphony Assistant, a chatbot for brainstorming, scriptwriting, and content optimization.

Important Features:

  • Symphony Digital Avatars let brands create AI spokespeople for TikTok ads and multilingual branded content.

  • A new AI dubbing tool automatically transcribes, translates, and dubs videos into different languages, helping brands scale content globally.

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