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OpenAI Encrypts ChatGPT Chats on Mac

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  • OpenAI Kept 2023 Hack Quiet, Internal AI Details Leaked

  • New AI Features and Upgraded Siri to Launch on iPhones This Spring

  • OpenAI Starts Encrypting ChatGPT Chats on Mac Devices

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OpenAI Kept 2023 Hack Quiet, Internal AI Details Leaked

The Veroneus: In 2023, OpenAI experienced a security breach that exposed internal chats. Although the company was aware, it chose to keep the incident confidential. The New York Times revealed that the hacker accessed AI design details from online conversations but did not reach the AI development systems.

The Details:

In April, OpenAI briefed its staff and board members, emphasizing that no customer data was compromised, which is why the event remained under wraps. The company assessed the breach as non-threatening to national security and did not report it to federal authorities. This incident sparked discussions about AI security, leading OpenAI to establish a Safety Committee, which includes former general Paul Nakasone. Security head Matt Knight reiterated the company's long-term dedication to maintaining robust security measures.


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New AI Features and Upgraded Siri to Launch on iPhones This Spring

The Veroneus: In spring 2025, Apple's Siri is set to undergo a significant enhancement with the release of the Apple Intelligence AI system, arriving as part of the iOS 18.4 update. This timeline, specified by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in the latest Power On newsletter, is more concrete than Apple's previous announcements, which only mentioned a general rollout next year.

The Details:

Apple typically introduces new features incrementally through point updates across its operating systems. Consequently, Siri might soon be able to perform tasks like locating your ID within a vast photo library or copying your driver’s license number for online forms using Apple Intelligence. However, features such as AI-powered emoji generation or writing assistance might not be available right away. While Gurman does not elaborate on the release schedule for these features, it is likely that Apple will stagger their introduction. As beta versions of iOS 18 begin to emerge later this year, the lineup of new features will become clearer ahead of the 18.4 release. Expected updates this fall include ChatGPT integration, a revamped Siri interface with a pulsing rainbow around the screen bezel replacing the old circle graphic, and improved product knowledge for basic tech support.

OpenAI Starts Encrypting ChatGPT Chats on Mac devices

The Veronues: OpenAI recently made its ChatGPT macOS application available to the general public. Following this release, the company has started encrypting locally stored records on Mac devices to address a potential security vulnerability. Initially, users' chats with the ChatGPT AI chatbot were saved as text files, which posed a risk of being decrypted if malware infiltrated the Mac devices.

The Details:

According to The Verge, The Verge contacted OpenAI to learn more about the security issue. According to the company's spokesperson, the problem has been resolved. The updated version of the application now encrypts users' conversations with ChatGPT. OpenAI, which can review users' ChatGPT conversations for training its AI models unless this feature is disabled, emphasized to The Verge their commitment to enhancing the user experience while maintaining high security standards.

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