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Good morning. In today's newsletter, we explore ChatGPT's new shortcut that makes it easier to use GPTs.

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ChatGPTs New Shortcut

As you may know, ChatGPT has launched the GPT Store, and all paid ChatGPT users have access to this feature. You can simply go to the Explore GPTs page inside the ChatGPT interface and find specific GPTs according to your needs.

GPTs Store

You can click any GPTs and open it with a new chat. Previously, when you switched between different GPT models in the GPT Store, you had to start over with each new model you chose. Now, switching between different GPT models mid-conversation is effortless. Simply type '@', select your desired GPT model, and continue your chat without interruption.

GPTs @ Shortcut

You can select any GPTs and start using in the chat without chaning any page. Just type @ and select your GPTs.


Use of GPTs

Imagine you are having a conversation with ChatGPT to generate ideas for campaigns or something like that. Then you you would like to see how would any specialized GPTs could generate outcome. By using this new feature you can instantly incorporate other GPTs into chat without leaving the chat. You can simply type @ and select your GPTs. It can look like this:

GPTs Shortcut

In this example, an idea was generated in the beginning by having a conversation with ChatGPT, and the user thought that design-specified GPTs could have great outputs with this idea. In this case, Canva GPTs were used. Type the idea with prompting, and here is what it looks like:

Prompt to Canva GPTs

Hit the enter button, and here is the result:

Prompt to Canva GPTs


Just note that this is an example of a use case. When prompts are tailored specifically, you will get a more specific outcome.



In conclusion, this new and innovative feature significantly enhances the productivity and efficiency of utilizing ChatGPT and GPTs. By incorporating this addition, users can now experience a reduction in time consumption, making their interactions and tasks more streamlined. This time-saving feature revolutionizes the way individuals engage with ChatGPT and GPTs, empowering them to accomplish their objectives with greater ease and effectiveness.

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